Delivering the Commonwealth is a science fiction novel set in the mid-fourth millennium after a thousand years of interstellar exploration and colonization.

It is a time in which human civilization has settled over a hundred worlds and a great interstellar civilization known as the Commonwealth of Humanity binds all human worlds together. All but four.

Far removed from Commonwealth space, the League of Four Worlds has been on its own for four centuries. Settled by pioneers reaching ever further away from the known worlds, they were far beyond the limits of communication and of feasible travel for their humble planets. The Four Worlds had long expected that the expanding Commonwealth would follow them, but they never did. The settlers of the Four Worlds never heard from the Commonwealth again.

Four centuries later, a terrifying new threat emerges from deep space, ravaging Farmark, one of the Four Worlds. The leadership of the League realizes that they are ill-equipped to meet this new threat. If they are to have any chance of survival they must pool all their resources in a desperate expedition back to the Commonwealth to enlist its aid. But the Commonwealth is hundreds of light-years away—will they be able to make it? And given the lack of contact for centuries, will there even be anyone there to find?