The Sword and the Pen

A forthcoming fantasy novel by Mark Schaefer

Plot Synopsis

Dunmearh Swordsmith is down on his luck, exiled from his home country. Until one day, fate introduces him to a scholar from the distant Sunset Lands, who offers him the opportunity to take part in a quest to journey to the lost Hidden Lands. Dunmearh sees both an opportunity to earn some coin and to redeem himself and regain his citizenship—but what awaits him in the Hidden Lands, and is the mission really just a quest for discovery?

The World—The Lands Under the Sun

The story of The Sword and the Pen take place in the world of Kadamu nur-Shadju-a, the Lands Under the Sun.

A map featuring two large continents (the Sunset Lands and the Sunrise Lands) with the Middling Sea in between, and the smaller continent of the Hidden Lands in the lower center.


Dunmearh Swordsmith

Former citizen of the Folkdeed of Greatvale living in exile in the Kingdom of Broadland. A sell-sword looking for the chance to earn back his citizenship and return home.

Meharanganar Toreanastrarax

Scholar from the distant Grand Duchy of Illax in the Sunset Lands. Having absconded prematurely with his inheritance, he hopes to finance a voyage that he believes will re-open the long-lost Hidden Lands of legend.

Kudhifa Haliru

Captain of the privateer ship Song of the Barkeaters, a native of the Patronage, and a former associate of Dunmearh’s.

Raka-tme m-Itrw

Elven first mate of the Song. Daughter of a wealthy Sunnadiran merchant.

Eddarronn mab Uurgust

Boatswain of the Song, from the Kingdom of Arfalan.

Oyuun ten Coru

Halfling from the United Principalities in the Sunset Lands. Navigator of the Song and best friend of Eddarronn.

Excerpts of the Novel in Progress

Read excerpts from the Prolog and Chapter 1 of The Sword and the Pen.

More to come…