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Rock Steady

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Rock Steady Badge

Today, LoseIt! informed me that I’d been awarded a new badge: the Rock Steady Badge. When I scrolled down through the listing of badges I’ve won over the years, I saw some familiar badges: The weight-loss ones: 10 Pound Club, 25 Pound Club, 50 Pound Club; the tracking ones: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks…; the ones for regular weigh-ins, and so on. But this one was a new one for me. It commemorated 4 weeks of maintaining.

If you look back over the last seven years that I’ve been using that app—specifically the last five years that I’d been trying to lose weight from a maximum of 241 pounds—you’ll see some losses, some gains, and a whole lot of yo-yo’ing. But you don’t see a lot of maintenance:

You can see, for example, how back in February/March 2015 I managed to get down to the 190’s only to slip by the summer and be back at 220 by July. Even after my precipitous 60+ pound weight loss of 2008, during the year following I still fluctuated wildly between 190 and 200:

But not this time. This past month has been, well, rock steady:

graph showing a line tracking closely to the target line of 182
That’s a plateau I can get behind.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the key to my success has been in racking up the little victories. Every victory is another hit of dopamine to keep me focused and on track. I guess the LoseIt! people know that—it’s why they give out the badges. But I have come to understand just how powerful an experience of achieving your goal, and then working to maintain it can be.

I’m greatly enjoying having made it this far and having kept my weight steady for a month or more. I’m already looking forward to the next badge.