The Characters of Delivering the Commonwealth

Lt. Jareth Killian, J.G.

Killian is the chief of Security on the LSS Deliverance. He had previous experience in the Merchant Marine, which ended with a mistake during a crisis that continues to haunt him.

Captain Juliana Kavanagh

Juliana Kavanagh is the captain of the LSS Deliverance and the leader of the Expedition to return to Commonwealth space. A student of naval history, she is fond of using ancient maritime expressions, much to the amusement of her crew. She is the daughter of the legendary Gaius Kavanagh whose legacy sometimes threatens to overshadow her.

Rebekah Blackstone

Lt. Rebekah Blackstone

Lieutenant Blackstone is a gifted cryptologist and linguist who struggles to find her place on the Expedition until her gifts unexpectedly become vital to the success of the mission.

MGySgt Benjamin Makindi

Master Gunnery Sergeant Benjamin Makindi is the sole survivor of a rescue mission on the alien-occupied planet of Farmark. Still recovering from the trauma of that mission, he serves aboard the Deliverance as one of Killian’s primary security officers.

Benjamin Makindi
Husayn Delacruz

Cmdr. Husayn Delacruz

Commander Husayn Delacruz is the Executive Officer and second-in-command of the LSS Deliverance. A longtime colleague of Captain Kavanagh, he often serves as her sounding board and voice of conscience.

Lt. Cmdr. Miguel Filipov-Ibañez

Filipov-Ibañez is the Deliverance’s tactical officer and a keen observer. His innovative thinking often comes in handy when the Expedition faces problems it can’t solve.

Miguel Filipov-Ibañez
a five-legged Invader

The Invaders

A species resembling a cross between a starfish a cricket and an octopus, this five-limbed creature has insect-like legs that end in eight-tentacled “hands.” Hard to kill and ruthless, they are responsible for the destruction of the League fleet and Makindi’s squad.

Marissa Flores

Lt. Marissa Flores

Communications officer

Ens. Pyotr Thorsten


Pyotr Thorsten