The League of Four Worlds


The insignia of the League of Four Worlds, with stars and planets of the league.

The League of Four Worlds was formed by the colonies established by the KGM Expedition of 3003. Departing from Terranova, the KGM expedition went well beyond the established boundaries of the Commonwealth in pursuit of worlds that were not in need of terraforming. After nearly 700 light-years of travel from Commonwealth space toward the neighboring spiral arm of the galaxy, the Expedition happened upon the Sharon system with two habitable worlds: New Sydney and Pherat. The nearby system of Roger’s Star contained one habitable world: Fairhaven, and the third star system after that—Kittim—contained a habitable planet colonized as Farmark.

Given the tremendous amount of resources consumed on the journey and the need to use their colony ships for the beginnings of their colonies, a return voyage to the Commonwealth was not possible. The colonists focused on establishing settlements on their worlds and on conserving their meager supplies of anti-matter and deuterium for necessary trips between worlds for vital supplies and commerce. Even the hyperspatial drones were used sparingly.

Because the colonists had left a series of “breadcrumb” probes behind, it would only be a matter of time before Commonwealth trade and consular ships arrived and incorporated the colonies into the economic and political spheres of the Commonwealth.

After seven years, no ship from the Commonwealth had yet arrived, and the colonial governments of New Sydney, Pherat, Fairhaven, and Farmark decided that they would need to establish their own polity for the indefinite interim. On July 20, 3011, the four colonies established the League of Four Worlds.


The League is a confederation primarily existing for the regulation of commerce and the sharing of vital resources. Each world sends delegates to the Great Assembly. The Great Assembly is unicameral and is composed of members elected on the basis of population.

The citizenry participates in selecting a League Chancellor through popular elections. The top three vote-receiving candidates are then presented to the Great Assembly, which elects from among that number the individual who will be Chancellor. Frequently this individual is the one who received the majority or plurality of the popular vote, but it is not always the case.


The insignia of the League of Four Worlds is a stylized representation of the three stars—Sharon, Roger’s, and Kittim—along with the worlds that orbit each star.

Three stylized stars and four stylized planets indicating the worlds of the League of Four Worlds
The insignia of the League of Four Worlds, with stars and planets of the league.