Delivering the Commonwealth

by Mark Schaefer

Four hundred years ago, an expedition set forth from the Commonwealth of Humanity to colonize new worlds and expand the boundaries of human settlement. The expedition eventually settled four new planets—but never heard from the Commonwealth again. Now, facing a relentless and unstoppable enemy, the League of Four Worlds must attempt a daring mission to travel hundreds of light-years back to Commonwealth space for help. But does the Commonwealth still exist, and if it does, will it be able to help?


  • Timeline
    Historical events leading up to the events of Delivering the Commonwealth
  • Prolog
    Everywhere the citizens of the Four Worlds seemed to be walking about in dazed silence. A pall hung over our systems. We were not alone. And whoever they were, they meant business. This was not how we’d ever imagined ending our isolation.
  • Enlistment
    Their wedge shape with stubby wings doesn’t give you a lot of confidence that they can fly, at least not on an intuitive level. But then again, the sub-orbitals are more like objects being catapulted from one end of the globe to another than the winged craft that carry most of New Sydney’s passengers to their ports of call.
  • Basic Training
    Personally, I always found those sequences in the vid tedious and just wanted them to get to the part where all the shooting would be.
  • The Deliverance
    “For the last 400 years, no League starship has ventured beyond the boundaries of these three systems. Our mission and that of the Brunswick, which will be traveling with us, is to travel back to the last known boundaries of the Commonwealth and make contact as quickly as possible with any authority present. This will not be an easy task.”

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  1. Basic Training
  2. The Deliverance
  3. The Void
  4. The Break
  5. The Address
  6. Cerberus (Eta Lupi)
  7. New St. Louis (Sigma Librae)
  8. Fenway
  9. Port Varley (Epsilon Ophiuchi)
  10. Sol
  11. In High Council
  12. Regrouping
  13. Senator Isfahani
  14. Family History
  15. Providence
  16. Delivering the Commonwealth
  17. Farmark
  18. Epilog
  19. Afterword