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Delivering the Commonwealth

Exciting news! Mark’s science fiction novel, Delivering the Commonwealth, is now available for sale online and soon in bookstores! To learn more, you can read excerpts from the novel and sign up for more information or watch the teaser trailer on YouTube!


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Delivering the CommonwealthThe Good News According to Mark: Translation & CommentaryThe Certainty of Uncertainty: The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its VirtueReligious, Not Spiritual: Toward a Christian Faith that Matters
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Writing, Editing, and Translation Services

Schaefer Wordsmithing

Good writing is more important than ever. At a time when texting, social media, and other informal forms have risen to prominence, good writing can help you stand out. If you need help with your writing—whether simple proofreading or in-depth editing—I can help. I also offer translation services from and into English for a number of languages.

Mark’s 2018 book, a reflection on the unavoidable nature of uncertainty and why embracing uncertainty and doubt are vital for a healthy faith and meaningful life.

Mark’s long-running blog of sermons, theological reflections, and occasional linguistic musings.

A site to record and celebrate the creativity of human language by allowing visitors to submit sentences they believe have never been uttered before.

Creative writing project

The Lands Under the Sun

An attempt to create the world’s first (or at least best) crowd-sourced fantasy epic. Members of the site can help to develop the world or write stories that take place in this world.

Recent Posts

  • 2 | Makindi | iThanga Elide, Farmark
    Makindi dropped and rolled to his right, bringing his weapon to bear and firing round after round into the creature. He poured fire into the alien but couldn’t figure out where to aim. Without any obvious brain center, how were you supposed to kill this thing?
  • Prolog
    Everywhere the citizens of the Four Worlds seemed to be walking about in dazed silence. A pall hung over our systems. We were not alone. And whoever they were, they meant business. This was not how we’d ever imagined ending our isolation.
  • Padding
    Everyone does it. Everyone pads their CV. Just a few insignificant details to flesh out the “skills” section. No one expects to be called on to use them. Not really. I suppose I’ve learned my lesson. If I get out of this—which is highly doubtful—the first place I’m going is to my laptop to edit
  • A Eulogy for Tim Wakefield
    In a way, he is not unlike the knuckleball that he threw—unassuming, not flashy, not a power pitch, but quietly and surprisingly effective, leaving you in awe.
  • How to Foil the AI Uprising It turns out they stink at jokes and crosswords
    Is humor an aspect of sentience? I wouldn’t necessarily think so since animals we consider not to be sentient appear to understand humor or at least find things funny. But there is something about real intelligence and humor; it would seem. And ChatGPT doesn’t have it.
  • The Photo That Proves the Earth Isn’t Flat
    I kept wondering what evidence could possibly convince a Flat Earther, short of a ride into space on a rocket (a trip I would gladly pay for if I had the means—one-way, of course). And then I came across the following photo.

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