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Delivering the Commonwealth

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Mark’s 2018 book, a reflection on the unavoidable nature of uncertainty and why embracing uncertainty and doubt are vital for a healthy faith and meaningful life.

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An attempt to create the world’s first (or at least best) crowd-sourced fantasy epic. Members of the site can help to develop the world or write stories that take place in this world.

Recent Posts

  • Six: The Address
    Those of us who have pledged our lives to the fleet know the risks that come with such a commitment; the dangers of space travel and the challenges of providing security to our systems are full of perils. Every tour might be our last. These are the risks we sign up for. Even those of us on this expedition who are from the civilian world knew that this voyage might be a one-way trip. But no one is prepared to face the threats that lurk in the human heart–the fear, the hopelessness, the dread that can make rational people lose all sense of perspective and cause them to collapse inward, often dragging others with them.
  • Padding
    Everyone does it. Everyone pads their CV. Just a few insignificant details to flesh out the “skills” section. No one expects to be called on to use them. Not really. I suppose I’ve learned my lesson. If I get out of this—which is highly doubtful—the first place I’m going is to my laptop to edit
  • Five: The Break
    Patel-Smith looked around the table before continuing. “We were all just talking about it before you got here. Everyone is stressed out. Mariam was saying how she was surprised that someone hadn’t snapped already. I was saying that the ship felt like a powder keg.”
  • Four: The Void
    But here, we’d downjump and there would be nothing. No waiting beacon to align our ship’s chronometers. No background radio chatter. No ships waiting to jump out. Nothing. Just the void. 
  • Three: The Deliverance
    “For the last 400 years, no League starship has ventured beyond the boundaries of these three systems. Our mission and that of the Brunswick, which will be traveling with us, is to travel back to the last known boundaries of the Commonwealth and make contact as quickly as possible with any authority present. This will not be an easy task.”
  • Two: Basic Training
    Personally, I always found those sequences in the vid tedious and just wanted them to get to the part where all the shooting would be.

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