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The Certainty of Uncertainty • Mark’s 2018 book, a reflection on the unavoidable nature of uncertainty and why embracing uncertainty and doubt are vital for a healthy faith and meaningful life.

Some, Uh, Theologica • Mark’s long-running blog of sermons, theological reflections, and occasional linguistic musings.

Original Sentence • A site to record and celebrate the creativity of human language by allowing visitors to submit sentences they believe have never been uttered before.

The Lands Under the Sun • An attempt to create the world’s first (or at least best) crowd-sourced fantasy epic. Members of the site can help to develop the world or write stories that take place in this world.

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  • Immortality
    A 100 Word Story So many slingshot pilots die young looking for immortality. I’d become a celebrity—the first to slingshot past the Oort Cloud using only an assist from Jupiter. This was to be my masterpiece: I’d use the black hole at Cygnus X-1 to propel myself to the next star system. It would take
  • What Goes Around
    The Emperor was angry. Sitting in the anteroom to the throne room, waiting to be summoned, Marcus knew that much.  It was not like the Emperor to summon a provincial governor unless something had gone terribly wrong.  Could it be the number of executions?  Marcus’ count was certainly high, but the Emperor wasn’t exactly a
  • The Democracy Tree
    A neglected tree box on New Hampshire Avenue provided an opportunity over the Fourth of July weekend to save a tree and witness to a community for DC voting rights.
  • Between You and I: Hypercorrection or Sign of Things to Come?
    Among purists it would be hard to find a construction more grating on the ear than the use of the nominative case (used for the subjects of a sentence) where the objective case (used, appropriately, for the direct or indirect object) should be. Hearing phrases like, “Just between you and I” and “Give it to
  • The Gospel Is Inherently Political
    In times of crisis and upheaval, a chorus of voices will rise to assert their support or their critique of the state of affairs. This chorus will involve commenting on protests, legislative solutions, governmental actions, and so on. Into this chorus of voices, the clergy will often try to speak to the present moment from

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